Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  • This is my first time, can you give me some guidance?
  • Absolutely! Here are some things to help you get started with Cloud Laundry.

    -Place an order on our website or app.
    -Prepare your laundry ahead of time, separate hang dry from the rest, place it together with laundry.
    -Separate dry cleaning from laundry, it belongs in two different bags, tell our driver which one is which, or leave a note inside the bag.
    -Don’t leave wet towels inside with the colored clothing, they will bleed.
    -Empty all pockets, especially lipsticks and pens (we will check for those too)
    -Leave your phone on sound for when our driver is coming, you don’t want to miss his call or text.
    -Don’t be afraid to call or text us if you have any questions!
    -Use the free time you got from using Cloud Laundry to do something great or to relax and just be happy!

  • What services does Cloud Laundry provide?
  • We currently provide a 3 services:

    Wash & Fold service - clothing is machine washed on a warm or cold setting, depending on color and tumble dried at a medium temperature, then folded together and packaged neatly in a Cloud Laundry bag.

    Hang Dry service - items are to be included with the regular laundry, separated by the bag, washed in cold water and then are hung to dry.

    Dry Cleaning & Launder Shirts - items are processed individually, either dry cleaned or washed, then pressed to perfection and placed on hangers and wrapped to protect from weather during the delivery process, for you to wear immediately.

  • Can I use a plastic bag for my laundry?
  • Yes. However, only use strong trash or plastic bags that have a drawstring. Do not include laundry in small shopping bags. We wouldn’t want anything to go missing during the transportation process.

  • Do I need to separate my wash and dry cleaning items?
  • Yes, please separate clothes that you want to to be washed from those that are to be dry cleaned. Make sure to use 2 separate laundry bags for each type of service. Those services have different turnaround times, so laundry may come sooner than dry cleaning.

  • Do you ever damage clothes or get customer’s laundry missing?
  • Our system is designed in such a way, to ensure tracking of the entire process from beginning to the end. With barcodes, garment logging itemization and security cameras in every corner. Missing laundry, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

    However, those sneaky socks do get to sneak out once in a while. You will find most of them under your bed, but we can’t exclude the scenario when it sneaks out on us too.

    If you ever encounter such an incredibly rare problem with missing or damaged laundry, please reach out to us as soon as possible at or by calling 844-431-6111

Pickup & Delivery
  • Can I ask you to come at a very specific time?
  • While we pride ourselves with the most effective logistics, we still live and operate in New York City. Unfortunately we can’t be very specific on the exact time our drivers will arrive. However we will try our best to accommodate your request and to never be late for the time window you chose. Usually it is between 1 and 2 hours long.

  • What is the turnaround time for a laundry?
  • We are proud to have the fastest turnaround time of any laundry service in New York City. Picked up by 10 am in the morning you can have your clothes dropped off by 7 pm the same day.

  • What if I'm not home during the pickup?
  • Someone has to be there to hang your laundry to our concierge. It may be your roommate, your doorman, your mom, or you could leave your bag outside your apartment door. However you must have a way to allow our driver inside your building. That could be a security code or intercom system.

Wash & Fold
  • Do you wash my clothes together with other people’s clothes?
  • Absolutely not! Not only do we wash your clothes in a separate washer. We will separate your lights and darks into 2 separate washers.

  • I have sensitive skin, and get reactions to the most detergents, what are my options?
  • You are in luck! Cloud Laundry only uses 100% organic detergents with very few additives. Choose a non-scented option to be absolutely safe. However if you are an extreme case of allergies, you can always provide your own detergent with the order. Please make sure to include only the required amount of detergent for 1 wash.

Dry Cleaning
  • How is your dry cleaning done?
  • We use an eco-friendly process for doing dry cleaning, we do not use PERC that is found to be toxic and has been banned in New York since 2020.

    Once we receive your dry cleaning, we itemize it, label each item with the code, document it’s brand and brand and mark all of the stains to be treated.

    Once the cleaning process is done, we will press it to perfection and package it for delivery.

  • What is the fastest turnaround time for dry cleaning?
  • Currently it takes at least 48 hours for a dry cleaning order to be delivered after it was picked up. One of the reasons why it takes longer than laundry, is that each item needs to be meticulously checked and documented, stain treated and quality checked. Many stains require more than 1 treatment, making the process much longer. Secondly the pressing and packaging process is much more specific since each item is unique and has different size properties.