13 September 2022

Some brides and grooms rent their wedding gowns and suits, but there are many who bought theirs as they plan to make it a family heirloom. If you have considered this, you need to know the importance of preserving the gowns and suits correctly. This is the only key to making your dress last a lifetime.

Check for Invisible Stains

You are not aware of these stains, but you will notice the latent stains in six months. If you bring your wedding gown and suit immediately to a dry cleaner or preservationist, they can easily spot the invisible stains. Moreover, they know how to deal with these stains.

Read Wash Label

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution regarding wedding dress and suit preservation. You have to check for any special care instructions to ensure the garments are given the proper care.

Do not disregard instructions such as “dry clean only with petroleum solvent,” any specific instructions have to be taken into heart. Ensure that you choose a reliable dry cleaner or preservationist for the appropriate solutions.

Deliver to Dry Cleaner or Preservationist ASAP

You and your husband might be excited about your honeymoon trip. However, if you want your wedding gown and suit to be in good condition when preserved, you must bring them to the dry cleaner or preservationist as soon as possible. Do not let stains set in the fabrics of your dress and suit.

It is best to book a laundry pickup and delivery service if you are set on a honeymoon right after your wedding. Let the cleaner pick up and deliver the garments for you.

Airtight Sealed Preservation Box

Most preserved dresses and suits are stored in an airtight box. Oxygen has been removed and replaced with nitrogen. Oxidation commonly happens to white dresses that have been stored for several years.

Specialists recommend not to break the airtight seal. But, if there is a need, have the gown and suit preserved and sealed back up.

Cool, Dark Storage

After cleaning and preserving, it is time to store the garments. Do not place them in an area where they are exposed to direct sunlight. It fades the color of the garment. Only hang the garments with a padded hanger for the suit, do not use a wire or wooden hanger. Moreover, do not use a plastic bag for your suit unless it is an acid-free plastic bag. You do not have to worry about the wedding gown if it is inside a preservation box.

Wedding Gown and Suits Do-It-Yourself Preservation Tips

If you want to experience preserving your wedding gown and suit, here are some helpful tips:

  • Handle the dress and suit with white cotton gloves.
  • Before cleaning, spot test the fabric in an unnoticeable area to ensure it does not damage the fabric.
  • Only use soft-bristled brushes.
  • Do not bleach the gown and suit. Delicate fabrics are irreversibly damaged when treated with harsh chemicals.
  • Wrap the dress with acid-free tissue paper to prevent any discoloration and permanent creases. Do not forget to stuff the bust and sleeves of the dress and suit to maintain its full shape.
  • Hang the wedding dress and suit with a padded hanger. Do not use a wire or wood hanger. These garments are heavier than regular clothes; their weight will pull on the fabric leading to distortion.
  • Keep safe dress and suit in an area safe from extreme temperature and harsh light. You can also have silicon gels inside the box to control the humidity level.

It is certainly satisfying to know and preserve your wedding dress on your own. However, every action has its consequences. Thus, if you are not confident about doing the DIY, it is better to hand it over to a professional cleaner and preservationist.

Final Thoughts

Clean and send your wedding gown and suits to a preservationist the soonest. Do not store your gown and suit in extreme temperatures and humidity areas like the garage, attic, cellar, or basement. Even when a professional preserve your wedding gown and suit, do not forget to check in on them every two or three years. You have to refold and check them to ensure no visible stains and permanent creases.