14 September 2022

Investing in high-quality clothes to make them last is one thing; knowing how to make them last is another.

Delicate clothes are those made from silk, wool, linen, or those clothes with embellishments and embroidery. These materials are easily damaged if not taken care of properly. High heats and harsh spinning in a washing machine are enough for its fabrics to wear and tear or shrink.

Some people do not buy delicate clothes because they fear not knowing how to care for them properly.

We should have the joy and excitement of wearing and accessorizing our clothes without the fear of damaging them. That’s why we are here to guide you on properly caring for your delicate clothes.



Wash delicates by hand.



Hand washing delicate clothes is by far the best and safest way to keep them in their best condition. This method makes you in control of the entire washing process. The pressure and friction you introduce to the delicate clothes are hugely beneficial. Always check the wash care label of your delicate clothes to ensure they are appropriately treated.

Before you wash your delicate clothes, always check for stains you have to treat. If there are, it is better to use the natural alternative stain removers. In cases that you will use commercial-grade stain removers, ensure to spot treat first before doing it over the whole stained area.

Here are the general considerations when handwashing your delicates:


  1. Gather items of the same material together. Do not combine delicate clothes with different materials. It might cause looses and tangle with other delicate fibers, resulting in irreversible damage.
  2. Use cold water and mild detergent. Do not use warm water when washing delicates; the fabric may shrink. Mild detergents do not have any harsh chemicals that can damage the fabrics. Moreover, mild detergents are friendly to your skin.
  3. Gently swirl the garments. Pay attention to any spots or stains to take action.
  4. Air dry the clothes. You can lay them flat on a surface or hang them from a drying rack.


As you learn how to wash delicates carefully, you should also be informed that delicates are not meant to be washed every after use. If it does not smell nor does not have any dirt or grime, you can put it away and use them for later. Washing them less is helpful to keep them in good condition.



Can you wash the delicates in the washing machine?



Although washing machines are a great help, even their gentle cycle setting is harsh for delicate clothes. Unless indicated on the delicate clothes’ wash label, you may wash your delicates in the washer.

Moreover, do not be tempted to dry your delicate clothes in a dryer. Delicate fabrics easily shrink even with the lowest heat setting. Instead, allow your delicate clothes to air dry. Do not place them under direct sunlight.

Always do some research on how to care for your clothes. After all, caring for your delicate clothes does not limit your wardrobe benefits. It is also a good idea to separate your delicate clothes from your regular clothes